Experience all the benefits Health Heaven can bring. Studies have shown that frequent massage therapy treatments can reverse the damage caused by chronic muscle tension due to injury, stress and lack of sleep.

Massage therapy works by increasing the body's circulation, clearing out toxins from stress hormones and other cellular debris. Once cleared by massage therapy these damaging substances are replaced with fresh blood and oxygen - the nutrients your body needs to repair itself.

Relaxation Massage

Also known as Swedish massage. Pressure is adjusted according to the patient's comfort. A technique that allows you to escape the stresses of the world for just a moment, but a moment so powerful that will allow you to face the rest of the day in harmony.

Available at Motion Health Centre in Sydney CBD and Health Heaven Belmore

Remedial Massage

A style of massage for the general tight spots. Allows for flexibility, therefore preventing injury. The optimal treatment for releasing tired, overworked muscles as well as maintenance for your general wellbeing.

Available at Motion Health Centre in Sydney CBD and Health Heaven Belmore

Deep Tissue / Sports Massage

Injured? Competing? Chronic pain? Both these styles of massage incorporate techniques applied to specific muscles to assist recovery of injury or discomfort. Have this before or after activity for muscle preparation and recovery or in cases where you have injured a specific muscle or simply just want to prevent injury.

Available at Motion Health Centre in Sydney CBD and Health Heaven Belmore

Pregnancy Massage

There are many restrictions throughout the gestational period making pregnancy feel like a chore or an effort. This is the one thing you can indulge in. Your body, mind, soul and most of all, your baby will thank you for it. Pregnancy massage incorporates specific techniques to relax and restore, as well as preparing the mind and body for labour. This massage can be performed side lying or lying prone (on stomach) with the well-loved pregnancy cushion.

Available at Motion Health Centre in Sydney CBD and Health Heaven Belmore

Hot Stone Massage

The massage of the Gods. Try this when you feel like some pampering, or in the middle of winter when nothing seems to warm you up. The combination of heat and massage is known as the two tools of healing of many muscular complaints. The heat opens the pores allowing all impurities to be exposed to the stones, which work to draw out the impurities. This style of massage will leave you feeling, fresh, cleansed, relaxed and ready to face whatever the world throws at you.

Available at Motion Health Centre in Sydney CBD


A series of acupressure points are applied to certain parts of the feet and hands to alter the state of the mind and body allowing the body to restore its balance.

Available at Motion Health Centre in Sydney CBD and Health Heaven Belmore

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Detox, cleanse, revitalise
The body's lymphatic system is attacked everyday by pollutants, colds & flus, pesticides, medicines, preservatives and more. We require our lymphatic system to fight anything foreign or dangerous that enters our body but when overloaded it tires and slows down, and therefore can not defend the rest of our body effectively from the attackers. With this massage we aim to kick start the lymphatic system with gentle pumping techniques.

Available at Health Heaven Belmore

Shiatsu Massage

A Japanese body work therapy which springs from the same principles as acupuncture. Formulated in the 20th century as a development of various older forms of Chinese bodywork. Shiatsu works by stimulating the body's vital energy flow (Ki) in order to promote good health. Shiatsu is performed on a futon on the floor using thumbs, elbows and knees to achieve desired results.

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